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Services We Offer:

bathroom demolition

With us, this service is provided with ease, and it is valued and appreciated by our clients who have tried it.

We can simply remove the countertops or strip the room down. Reach us at 970-251-0500.

We can provide solutions and reliable service to your residential demolition with affordable prices.

commercial demolition

We provide the highest quality of demolition services not only to our residential customers but also to our commercial customers.

Want to demolish your garage? We can safely and fully demolish your garage. We offer prompt service and reasonable prices.

Concrete removal is more complicated than you would imagine, and it is a wise decision to hire professional concrete removal service. Call us at 970-251-0500.

Our contractors will carefully take down building components so that you can save, salvage, or recycle the parts for future use.




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Fort Collins Demotion Services

People choose to have a building, structure, or an area in their home, like a garage or bathroom, demolished for various reasons. One, in particular, is that the room or structure is already dilapidated beyond repair, and it needs to be replaced with a new structure. It can also be because there is a change in ownership of the house, and the new owner wants to renovate certain areas of the house.

You can also opt for a complete concrete removal when there are multiple cracks, frost heave, or sunken concrete on your driveway, sidewalk, or patio. No matter what your needs, demolition in Fort Collins, Colorado is easy and affordable with the Fort Collins Demolition Contractors.

Reasons to Hire Professional Demolition Contactors

A construction contractor specializes in building a structure from the ground up. A demolition contractor, on the other hand, specializes in removing the structure – from roof down. Demolition experts are trained professionals who have undergone specialized training in building removal and risk management. Also, they have specialized tools and equipment to prepare a site for renovations or new constructions.

When you hire a reputable demolition contractor, you can expect the following:

1. High Safety Standards

Demolition has a lot of inherent safety risks, but the risk of injury is higher for inexperienced individuals compared to a trained demolition team. By opting for experienced workers, you can protect yourself from injury, and you can ensure that your property or project is in good hands.

2. Effective Techniques

Most individuals who try to demolish their homes on their own will rely on tools, like a sledgehammer. When you hire competent demolition contractors, they can use a variety of tools and heavy-duty equipment, like bulldozers and hydraulic excavators.

Professional methods are not only faster; the specialized equipment used makes the demolition more efficient. A demolition team can take down any type of building or structure and ensure that the whole structure is removed completely and efficiently.

3. Protection of Structures that are Not Being Demolished

In cases like a bathroom or kitchen demolition, the entire house is not taken down. Thus, you need to protect the other parts of the house, including building materials that you can recycle or re-use. An experienced demolition team can protect these areas and ensure that you don’t have to rebuild anything that shouldn’t be demolished.

4. Protection from Environmental and Health Hazards

When it comes to the environmental and health hazards that are present in construction sites, complying with basic regulations is not enough. It is also important to protect yourself, your property, and the ecosystem.

Using professional demolition services can ensure that everyone and everything, including your property and the environment, is safe and protected. For example, if a site has hazardous materials, like contaminated soil, professional demolition services can remove them and remediate the site. Thus, you don’t need to hire another contractor.

5. Shorter Process

A professional demolition contractor is highly trained and can use several tools and equipment to take down an old structure. As such, they can finish the entire demolition process in a matter of days rather than weeks. They can do this without compromising the quality of their work. Because of the short demolition process, you can save time and money.

Why Choose Fort Collins Demolition Contractors?

1. We’re Experienced

For many years, our team has developed several methods that help us do our projects efficiently. With extensive experience in commercial and residential demolition, we have the appropriate skills and resources needed to complete any demolition challenge. We’re always up to the task no matter what your demolition needs. We plan each stage of our demolition projects carefully. Because of this, we can predict problems and come up with effective solutions. Overall, we have acquired excellent customer satisfaction because of our outstanding and unmatched service. Our satisfied clients can attest to our professionalism and exceptional abilities.

2. We Offer Comprehensive Demolition Services

We serve homeowners and business owners that need demolition services, such as building demolition, house demolition, swimming pool removal, and concrete removal. Our company also provides affordable and reliable services and solution in the following areas: Commercial Demolition, Residential Demolition, Kitchen Demolition, Garage Demolition, and a lot more.

We aim to provide dependable services, excellent work, and reasonable prices. Fort Collins Demolition Contractors is known to offer fast and cost-effective excavating services for both residential and commercial industries. Regardless of their type and size, our team will always approach and handle all projects with the same excellence and expertise.

3. We Take Deadlines Seriously

At Fort Collins Demolition Contractors, we take deadlines seriously. We can complete our demolition projects in a timely manner. This is thanks to our state-of-the-art technologies and equipment that allows our crew to finish projects efficiently and keep your project on track. We will do everything in our power to complete the job as soon as possible without compromising the quality of our work.

4. We have the Best Equipment

Aside from having extensive knowledge and skills in demolition, we also own the finest equipment in the industry. We have the appropriate tools and equipment that allows us to provide various demolition services. Because we own our own equipment, we can offer a variety or demolition services. Plus, we don’t have to wait for rentals; thus, we can start and complete a demolition project as soon as possible. Additionally, we can tackle projects that others cannot do, and we have more control of the projects we’re doing.

5. We Understand Our Clients

At Fort Collins Demolition Contractors, we understand our client’s needs and provide them with the best choices and services. For example, your patio or driveway only has thin cracks, and it has no signs of settling. If this is the case, patching the cracks is already a great solution. However, if there is more damage to the concrete, it is not enough to cover and resurface the cracks as the problem may re-occur after some time. So, to save money, we would highly recommend that you try our concrete removal service.

We always discuss with our clients the options they have. After we present the options and solutions, you can decide which is the best course of action, depending on your preferences and budget. No matter what you decide, we will treat all projects with the same quality and expertise.

6. We Practice Green Demolition

At Fort Collins Demolition Contractors, the landfill is our last resort. Instead of throwing away the debris and building materials from our projects, we reduce, re-use, and recycle them.

The Fort Collins Demolition Contractors supports the Leader in Energy and Recycling Design (LEED) program. As such, we are continuously working to create new plans and methods to surpass a 90% recycling rate. As of now, we have 80% to 90% recycling rate per project. But we will continue to set new standards and goals for our company. That way, we will not only aim to save our client’s money but the environment as well.

All building materials, from brick to metal and lumber, are reusable and recyclable with proper consideration and action. On some occasions, we can’t find a proper purpose or location for a certain part of our job site, but we don’t throw it away. Instead, we store these materials until we can find them a proper home. We work diligently through word of mouth and use various services, like eBay and Craigslist, to find these materials a new home.

Our Demolition Services

At Fort Collins Demolition Contractors, we want to inform our clients with appropriate knowledge about demolition. By doing this, we can ensure that the demolition process will go smoothly for both parties involved. So, here is a list of our services.

Residential Demolition – The process of taking down a deck, shed, garage, retaining wall, and other residential structure that is less than three stories. In these types of demolition projects, we usually use hydraulic excavators and bulldozers.

Industrial or Commercial Demolition – Demolition services that involve large projects or buildings. Typically, we use a wrecking ball or controlled explosive in these types of projects.

Concrete and Asphalt Demolition and Removal – The removal or taking down of concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and a lot more.

Swimming Pool Removal – The demolition or removal of a swimming pool (in-ground or above the ground).

Selective and Interior Demolition – In projects that involve the interior renovation, our demolition crew can take down and remove the debris from the walls, kitchen, bathroom, flooring, etc.

Environmental Remediation – We offer the safe removal of asbestos (asbestos abatement) and other hazardous materials, like paint.

Underground Storage Tank Removal – We can clean and remove hazardous materials contained or enclosed in an underground storage tank.

Excavating – The preparation and clearing of a site. This is done prior to the construction of a new structure or building.

Dismantling – Instead of demolishing a house or building and crushing its components, we can carefully dismantle it. This way, we can salvage building materials that our customers can recycle, re-use, or sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Permit Needed for a Demolition Project?

Depending on your city, you may or may not need a demolition and construction permit. You can ask or check with your local building department for more information about permits. Typically, a demolition permit is necessary to tear down a building or structure. So, it is highly recommended that you get a permit before the demolition process starts.

Fortunately, Fort Collins Demolition Contractors are familiar with the ins and outs of the permitting process. Thus, our knowledgeable and experienced contractors can help you get a permit for any kinds of demolition projects.

What Should I Do Before the Demolition Process?

Before the demolition process begins, it is crucial that you remove all the things inside your building or house, such as furniture, boxes, tools, automobiles, and hazardous materials (like paint). Aside from that, it is also imperative that you switch off the power that goes to the building or house. Turning off the gas or water lines is also a must. Remember, accidentally hitting an electrical wire may result in excruciating pain or worse death. Accidentally striking a pipeline or waterline, on the other hand, may not be lethal, but it can certainly lead to a headache and a huge mess.

Always remember that it is vital that you seek professional help when removing important items like pipes. Through this, you can save some money and time, especially when things go wrong. Keep in mind that it is safer to not place a lot of items at risk when demolishing or renovating a certain area in your homes or buildings.

What About the Debris?

A lot of debris and dust will be accumulated or collected when you remove important items in your kitchen, bathroom, house, or building. Furthermore, it is vital that you understand that removing the accumulated debris is not a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) job – even if you have removed or uninstalled everything. This is because the collected debris may harm you. Plus, it may also hinder the demolition process.

Hiring a professional garbage disposal service can help lessen the number of trips you’ll take to the dumpster. Moreover, through this service, clearing off space will only take a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. At Fort Collins Demolition Contractors, we can provide this service with ease, and it is appreciated and valued by those who have tried it.

What Happens to the Debris?

As mentioned, at Fort Collin Demolition Contractors, the landfill is our last resort. Thus, we try to recycle most of the leftover debris from our demolition projects. The main goal of our company is to recycle about 50% to 90% of what we recover or salvage from any projects. If we can’t recycle the debris, we will properly dispose of it in a landfill.

What are the Building Materials I can Re-Use or Recycle?

When we demolish a building or house, we don’t smash every item on the site. We can salvage various materials for you to re-use, recycle, or sell. Some examples of these building materials are windows, doors, flooring, ceiling tiles, light fixtures, roof shingles, and many more.

How Much Does a Demolition Project Cost?

We provide various services, and their prices will vary depending on the type, scope, and size of the project. We highly recommend that you give us a call to determine the estimated cost of your demolition project.

To get an accurate estimate for your demolition project, you can call Fort Collins Demolition Contractors at 970-251-0500.


Affordable & Reputable Demolition Services.

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