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Fort Collins Demolition Contractors is committed to providing the highest quality demolition services not only to our residential customers but also to our commercial customers. We offer demolition services as large as warehouses, office buildings, and more. We have the right team and equipment to complete your commercial demolition request quickly and professionally.

With our vast knowledge and heavy-duty equipment, there is no job that is too small or too big. Our staff is highly trained to handle and operate all the heavy-duty equipment needed to complete any project.

Our demolition contractors in Fort Collins, Colorado have gained excellent customer satisfaction with their exceptional and unmatched service. With extensive commercial and residential demolition experience, we have the necessary resources to complete any demolition challenge. Our satisfied customers can attest to our abilities and professionalism. We’re always up to the task whatever your demolition needs and requirements. We thoroughly and carefully plan each phase of our demolition projects. This allows us to foresee problems and come up with appropriate solutions.

Our Demolition Services

At Fort Collins Demolition Contractors, we like to keep our clients informed with appropriate knowledge. Through this, our demolition process will be smoother and easier for all parties involved. We have listed some of our services along with their description.

Residential Demolition – The taking down and removal of a shed, garage, deck, retaining wall, other residential structures or buildings (usually less than three stories). This type of structural demolition is usually accomplished with bulldozers and hydraulic excavators.

Commercial or Industrial Demolition – Demolition services for large projects or building may require controlled demolition (use of explosive) or a wrecking ball.

Concrete and Asphalt Demolition and Removal – The removal of concrete sidewalks, patios, driveways, foundations, and many more.

Swimming Pool Removal – Removing and demolishing of in-ground and above the ground swimming pool.

Interior and Selective Demolition – Projects that involve interior renovation may need demolition crews to tear down and remove debris from walls, flooring, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

Environmental Remediation – Asbestos abatement (the safe removal of asbestos), along with the removal of hazardous materials, like paint.

Underground Storage Tank Removal – The cleaning and removal of hazardous materials enclosed or contained in underground storage tanks.

Excavating – The clearing and preparation of a site before a structure or building is constructed.

We Provide High-Quality Demolition Work

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